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... with the strength of the Ossiachersee



... awaken your spirits in this natural environment and recharge your energy for body, mind and soul.

with 2 saunas, (1 x Finnish sauna and 1x biosauna low temperature), a new indoor relaxation room, a new relax terrace with lake view, massage room, etc. There is something for every taste. Our Natural Spa with the interaction of water, warmth and calm strengthens the organism. After a day active in sports, there is no better treat than a sauna or pleasurable lingering in the relaxation room with a wonderful natural backdrop on the expanses of the Ossiachersee and the Ossiacher Tauern.


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Finnish sauna
Temperature: 80-100 ° C, room climate: dry
Recommended length of stay: 15-20 minutes warm-up, rest for 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times each
Tip: infusion towards the end of the warm-up phase

Biosauna low temperature
In the case of the low-temperature sauna, care is taken that the heat does not exceed a limit of 60 ° Celsius. In fact, the low-temperature sauna is a great way to make friends with the sauna. She is often visited by our female guests, to whom the classic sauna is too intense.

The treatment with the wellness oil increases the overall well-being by stimulating blood circulation and metabolism. The targeted treatment of pain points and zones triggers hardening and creates a tension balance in the muscles.

Rest areas
Let yourself be enchanted by another world. In the quiet zones you can switch off and recharge your batteries.

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